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Indoor and Outdoor Track

Indoor & Outdoor Track
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Just so everyone can see it, I'm going to fill out my survey in here, underneath the one you should cut and paste and fill out upon joining.
The mod: yentruoc_64. :-)

-- Do nOt tAlK LyK diS … it’s annoying and hard to read.
-- Upon joining, please fill out the application/survey (below) so that everyone can get to know a little about you, your goals, PRs etc.
-- Be respectful. You wouldn’t treat your teammates like crap, so don’t treat the other members of the community like crap.
-- If someone asks for advice, be constructive, there is no need to rip someone apart – especially when they are asking what they can do to fix something, or make themselves better.
-- Try to keep all long posts under a lj-cut (check the FAQ’s for more info)
-- Feel free to post your PRs, goals, workouts, or anything else you think people would care to know. Or, hey – post something you don’t think we’d care that much about, as long as it’s track related.
-- Which brings me to the next rule: Try to keep things on topic. There are plenty of other wonderful communities on the LiveJournal server, you don’t need to be talking about TV, Movies, Music etc on here… unless it pertains somehow to running.
-- This is a great place to ask questions about running gear, sneakers, cold gear etc. Use it.
-- Feel free to ask questions about injuries or people’s experiences with them – however, remember that nothing anyone says on here about an injury can be considered a valid diagnosis and should not be used as a replacement from going to see the doctor, or a sports trainer.
-- Check the memories before posting questions, as some people may have the same question as you and it will already have been answered.
(To check the memories, click the red heart @ the top of this page.)

If you do not fill out this application/survey and you post a question about your event or an injury you will probably be referred back to this... just so you know.

1) Name:
2) State:
3) Age:
4) Event(s):
5) PR (Personal Record):
6) Goals:
7) Favorite track/trail/course:
8) Favorite sneaker:
9) Best type of weather to run in:
10) Why you enjoy running:
11) Biggest achievement:
12) Awards/Accomplishments (feel free to brag):
13) Injuries (current or past):
14) Favorite running quote (if you have one):

-- yentruoc_64's Survey
1) Name: Courtney
2) State: Massachusetts
3) Age: 17
4) Event(s): Everything from the 50m to the 400m. Including relays. And I did XC this year, so I ran a few 5k's before I got hurt.
5) PR (Personal Record): 50m: 6.4, 4x100m Split: 12.7, 200m: 26.9, 300m: 43.41, 400m: 60.1, 4x400m Split: 61.3 (4x400 Team: 4:19... Qualified for this years Penn Relays, woo!), 5K: 23.16 or something terrible like that, 2.8mi: 18.??
6) Goals: 50m: 6.3, 200m: 26.0, 300m: 41.0, 400m: 57.9 (4x400 Team: 4:13)
7) Favorite track/trail/course: The track @ Reggie Lewis Center in Boston (indoor) and Holyoake HS (outdoor)
8) Favorite sneaker: Asics... but my Puma spikes are my ultimate fav. thing ever.
9) Best type of weather to run in: 70 --> 75 degrees. No wind. Sunny. No humidity.
10) Why you enjoy running: It's a release - gives me some time to think. But to be honest, I don't think I would like it if I wasn't good @ it. I don't think I would have stuck with it, ya know?
11) Biggest achievement: 17th @ the Massachusetts All-State meet in the 400 (jr. year). And I think XC in itself was a huge accomplishment, even though I got hurt - just because I like, didn't completely suck @ it like I thought I would.
12) Awards/Accomplishments (feel free to brag): 17th @ the Massachusetts All-State meet in the 400 (jr. year), 5th @ Class D in the 300 (jr. year), SCC All-Star (outdoor soph. year - indoor and outdoor jr. year), All-Area Honorable Mention (400 and 300, jr. year), School Record in 300m (43.41), MVP (jr. year indoor), Highest Points Scored (jr. year, outdoor), Undefeated season (400m - soph. and jr. years, 300m - jr year. Would have been soph year too, but I got DQed twice)
13) Injuries (current or past): Sooo many. Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints, Stress Fracture in my foot and shin, Tendonitis like - everywhere, Microtears in my Achilles, I sprained my ankle Frosh. year...