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This is so cool. :D

1) Name: Sadie
2) State: CT
3) Age: 16
4) Event(s): Whatever my coach makes me run, I've run everything from the 200 to the 2 mile. But I usually run the 400, 800, and 1600.
5) PR (Personal Record): Its my first year running so I plan on improving lots but I'm pretty proud of some of my times. 400 in 65, 800 in 2:39 (super lame- my coach tells me I should be running 2:30), and 5:56 mile.
6) Goals: To stop being so negative towards running and fix my mindset. When you go into a race thinking you are going to do bad, in my case, you always do bad. I would also love to break 2:30 in my 800 and 5:40 in my mile.
7) Favorite track/trail/course: I love my own track kind of sort of but I really like Wilton's XC course.
8) Favorite sneaker: Asics.
9) Best type of weather to run in: Colder weather but not too cold, like 50s with sun, early morning.
10) Why you enjoy running: Its just one of those things... never ever planned on doing it or enjoying it and I never even realized I loved it until this year. I mean, I don't know exactly why I enjoy it, I guess I love knowing I'm still alive when I finish or when working so hard pays off, you get that through running. My team is a hugeeee part of it, the people I run with are some of my best friends and we always have so much together.
11) Biggest achievement: Running at States in 4x400. 
12) Awards/Accomplishments (feel free to brag): Well, I was an alternate at states for the 4x800 but ended up running the 4x400 with seniors and juniors of my team and doing really well for myself, I've never run to this day a better 400. And just making it to FCIACS and States in general, and working so hard- earning my spot on the team.
13) Injuries (current or past): Stress fractures (which suck majorly because you can't run until further notice and they don't hurt so much when you actually run but kill you when you walk). Being injured at all, just sucks.
14) Favorite running quote (if you have one): "All you have to give is all you have" and a bunch more.


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