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1) Name: Stephanie

2) State: Connecticut

3) Age: 15 - Sophomore

4) Event(s): Jav, Disc, Shot, and soon Hammer

5) PR (Personal Record): Jav: 62' 4"; Disc: 74' 1"; Shot: 24' 5"; Hammer: We'll know soon

6) Goals: This year I'm hoping to go to NVL's (our league championship). Junior year my goal is Hartford Public and States. Senior year I really want to go out with a bang and make it to Nationals which doesn't seem too out of reach since from last year to this year I've made a 20 ft. jump in discus already...

7) Favorite track/trail/course: Watertown's track - I always do my best there for some reason. Danbury track is pretty amazing though too... (Outdoor) The Armory in NYC where the Holiday Classic meet is held is friggen amazing too! (Indoor)

8) Favorite sneaker: ...I love my throwing shoes. Is that a good enough substitute? Because I really hate throwing in my sneakers ever since I got those puppies - I move so much quicker and easier.

9) Best type of weather to run in: A couple days after a good rain, when the grass isn't too wet that way the discus grips just right

10) Why you enjoy running: I like throwing because even though we may seem like we don't do much, that's really NOT true. We work harder than a lot of runners. My philosophy on running vs. throwing? Running is something you learn to do naturally. Throwing you have to learn a variety of drills and techniques. I'm not quite sure why I like throwing though... It's just something that I'm really good at, like doing, and love to relieve stress through :D

11) Biggest achievement: I don't really have any yet aside from hitting personal bests and goals. I have a couple medals from last years' freshman meets and a 4th place ribbon for jav at JV NVLs...

12) Awards/Accomplishments (feel free to brag): Even though I don't meet the requirements for varsity on my team, they still consider me varsity because of how close I am (like... 6 ft. which isn't much in discus) and how hard I work for my spot on the 'varsity throwing squad' XD

13) Injuries (current or past): None, but I am missing my right hand so I sometimes get minor bruises and cuts from weightlifting.

14) Favorite running quote (if you have one): 'I'd rather eat and throw, than run and puke.' Kind of insulting to runners but holy mothers, do I see it all the time at practice! I'm sorry, but I'd rather be a little bit bigger and run an 11 second 55m (in indoor - only running I've ever competed in), than run an 8.05 second 55m and puke everyday at practice. I <3 throwing and I therefore <3 digesting food XD

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