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Name: Megan
State: New York
Age: 17
Events: Long Jump and Steeple Chase and sometimes the 3000
PR: Steeple: 9:54, Long Jump: 12'2"
Goals: To get 9 or under in Steeple Chase
Favorite track/trail/course: Dietz Stadium
Favorite sneaker: Nike
Best type of weather to run in: When its lightly raining out or hot with a breeze
Why you enjoy running: The feeling i get when im running is indescribable. Its amazing. Everyones nice to one another and you get to make new friends from different schools cuz its not a contact sport. Its really kewl.
Biggest Achievement: When i ran the Steeple Chase in States with a bad knee this past year. i got last but i finished. i think i did ok considering i just started steeple chase this year.
Injuries:My knee 2 years ago. I missed the whole spring season. Its recently begun to bother me again.
Favorite Running quote: "I know i run like a girl. Try and keep up."
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