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hi guys!

1) Name: Devon
2) State: Pennsylvania
3) Age: 15 going on 16.
4) Event(s): 200m, though I did do 100m for one meet.
5) PR (Personal Record):200m: 32.07
6) Goals: get faster, stay healthy, have fun, letter, try out for more events next year
7) Favorite track/trail/course: Keystone Oaks.
8) Favorite sneaker: anything that doesn't give me blisters
9) Best type of weather to run in: either hot hot hot weather, or a light rain.
10) Why you enjoy running: track's just so fun. As one of my teammate's said, it's not a contact sport so everyone in track is for the most part is nice to one another.
11) Biggest achievement: running the 2 mile in under 20 minutes during one of the endurance workouts. And having the best time of the girls for the 200 at a meet.
12) Awards/Accomplishments (feel free to brag):  scholar athlete.
13) Injuries (current or past): blisters ick.
14) Favorite running quote (if you have one): "Can we trade in the Track points for prizes?"-Brad Easton commenting on the point system for lettering.

This was my first year of track, and I plan to run during the summer to improve my time with my friends.

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